How to fade away effects?

I was wondering how do I fade away effects? I tried to use the overlay one for the smoke effect, but it didn’t work! Can I get some help?

Like the characters fading away?

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No, in the “OVERLAY” section of the portal the have “EFFECT SMOKE” and it doesn’t fade away with other overlay commands

What did you try already?
I think what you mean is:
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 0 in …

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what do you mean with fade away?
Fade is specific command and has actually nothing to do with overlays but transitions.

@transition fade out black 3

Talking about overlays you can change its opacity 0 is fully transparent (invisible) to 1 fully visible.
I tested it and it works just fine:

@overlay EFFECT SMOKE create
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1 in 0
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 0 in 10

ty, srry 4 late response

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