How to fade overlays (tutorial)

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you how to fade an overlay.

Before we start I have to say one thing. If you want to see the overlay fade in, you have to preview your story in the app.

But now let’s get started :smile:

The command to fade overlay is:

@overlay [OVERLAYNAME] opacity % in s

% is the opacity’s percentage. It’s from 0 to 100 %.
s is the timing in seconds for the time the overlay change it’s opacity.

I want to make the overlay invisible for 10 seconds.

@overlay [OVERLAYNAME] 0 in 10

That’s how it works. I hope you understand it. For questions you can DM me.


Thank you! Very helpful!

Thank you so much for showing this! Definitely gonna use this in my story :heart:

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I’m happy that I could help you :smiley::yellow_heart:

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