How to fade the overlays a bit?

So I want an overlay to show in the story which has to look like “almost faded out.”
But overlay opacity 0.5 in 1 doesn’t work???

How did you specifically write it in the script?

If you write
@overlay opacity 0.5 in 1

Should work, if it doesn’t work like that I will see how I write mine and send it to you, but could u show how it is written?

&overlay PAPER create
&overlay 6269257388261376_PAPER shifts to 63 171 in zone 1
&overlay 6269257388261376_PAPER scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay PAPER opacity 0.5 in 1
&overlay PAPER to layer 2

Did you try to test it on the app? I know fading not working very well on the web preview

Idk why the opacity doesnt work, it seems fine by me :thinking:

But for the layer you must write

&overlay PAPER moves to layer 2

I hope it helps :sparkling_heart:

The command for layer is right.

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Oh something was wrong with thw app :slight_smile: ty for the help!!