HOW TO: find a writing partner

I got inspired to make this forum after reading @AMagic 's forum about asking for art.

link HOW TO: Request From Artists

So I have noticed a lot of people who try find a writing partner, their forum always looks the same
“hey I need a writhing partner PM me if interested” and reading that I doubt anyone would be. So I decide to make a forum in the hope of helping the people asking for a writing partner.

When you ask for people to do evrything for you. looking for an author. writer. artist. coder and character clothes maker it sounds like you want people to make the story for you, and you won’t do anything yourself. you are lucky to find one to work with you. so dont go looking for a group. more people will just ruin the story teamwork is hard. especially since half of them is not even needed.

State what you wanna write. it doesn’t work if you find a partner there wanna write star wars while you wanna do Clueless. so make sure to make it clear what kind of story you wanna write. even share the idea you have for a plot. it is more likely people will answer if they know what they are getting into.

how much time do you have? what is your time zone? writing together means working together you can’t do that if you are awake at diffrent times.

Make sure to communicate a lot. get online every day to write together all the time. it can not work if you decide to work together and then one disappears for a week.

What do you offer for the story? what are you gonna do? Share what you can and can not do. it is a good idea to tell how much experience you have with writing coding and working together,

working with someone does not mean them doing all the work for you. it’s teamwork. in a perfect world, the work would be divided by 50%. but that is very unlikely but try to aim for 40% at least. so please dont expect someone to make the story for you, without actually you doing anything other than slag off.

example by me

Hey, I am looking for a writing partner. I have never partnered with anyone before but I am up for trying. I have a lot of free time and are online every day. My time zone is Central European Summer Time. (an hour in front of London).

I am pretty good at advance coding. and can do some art. My English is not that good. so it would be helpful if you were.

I would like to write a mafia story about a girl whose mom is in a coma and find out her dad is in the mafia. or maybe about an undercover cop who whos mission is to get close to a mafia guy.

And last
Thanks for reading hope this will help some, feel free to share. also if you find the plot of my example interesting it’s about my published story

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This is really interesting! Bumped

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Hello there! My name is Miranda and I noticed you said you’re an advanced coder. I’m looking for someone to partner with on my story called “Prestigious!” It’ll be my first time partnering with someone on here. But I’m very excited to get to work with you.

I have the story well thought out from beginning to end and have chapter one fleshed out. I’m currently working on chapter two.

I’m in the usa central standard time and am free most weekends and anytime after 4:30 pm.

If you’d like to read over the elevator pitch for the story I will happily pm you the details.

I hope to hear from you soon.

sorry I dont work with people. this is not a me looking for a partner but a guide to when people do that.

I dont partner because first of all I can do evrything myself. makeing the story plot the art the codeing the only thing I need help to is grammar which is not partnerring. and second I just cant work with people I have never been good at it I cant comunicate and I cant handle when people dont do as much work as I do.

but your request for a partner is pretty good might I suggest you make a forum. though I might suggest adding what genre you want it to be in, for me I only write fantasy and your story dosent sound like one so if I wanted a partner it would still be a pass for me

Ok thank you