How to find good background on freepik?

I always search for something I want but then it’s just AI people with the background/in the background :sob: I see so many authors find good bgs like yennie from there but I can’t

There is an option to exclude AI in the filters. Are you looking for something specific?

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Ohh I still can’t find anything good tho :lying_face:

Dark fantasy school type things. Classes,halls etc

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Maybe this can be useful


Instead of general terms, try more specific searches like “empty cityscape,” “urban street background,” or “mansion interior” For my example, I’ll be looking for a classroom background that looks episode-like. I have searched “classroom interior and here are my results”

As you can see, they look bleh, so I’m gonna take advantage of Freepik’s filters. Once you enter your search term, you can refine the results with the filters (there’s so many, even options to exclude backgrounds that have people in them). And here’s what I got after.

Note: Using negative keywords in your search is another effective technique. For example, if you’re looking for a classroom background without people, you can search for “classroom background -people.” The minus sign before the word “people” will exclude any images containing that term. You can also exclude other things e.g classroom -lockers etc.

I found one that looked nice so I went ahead to click on it, and it gave me the result below. Now, you can use the related tags to find more things if you like as they help sometimes, and what I love doing is checking the You might also like section because you have a high chance of finding an even better background.

You can also check collections which might include backgrounds relevant to your needs.


Also here:


I find that the use broad terms in your search “hall” “castle interior” etc. helps. Then scroll through/click through all the results. It’s tedious sometimes but effective in getting the most results. Using specific terms like “dark fantasy castle with turrets” isn’t going to get many if any results.
You can also choose to find something close to what you need and doing/asking for recolors or edits to give the ‘dark’ vibe to regular pictures.

Thank u all @louisewrites @AdeuAdeu @ColeCatalyst I’m going to try these out :hugs: