How to find love for a story again . .

There’s this story i’ve been working on for a long time and i used to be absolutely obsessed with it. It was my baby. But now that passion is gone, and i keep finding myself drifting off at the prospect of pursuing other projects. It kinda makes me sad. Every time i go to write the coding for it, i just get bored. It feels like a chore now.

How do i find love for writing my story again? Or do you think it’s better that i just move on?


honestly, that happens to me so much which is probably why i have so many unfinished projects lol. but with the current story i’m working on, i’ve dealt with the same issue. only the difference with this one is that i’d already committed to it by paying $80 for a cover :flushed: so there was no going back.

when i did happen to find myself getting bored of it and not feeling like continuing it, I decided to take a break from it. the break ended up being about 2 months long and during that time I cleared all my thoughts about the story because I had no clue when or if i was even going to continue writing it. and when i did eventually come back to it, i was ready to continue it. I had all these new plans for it and I was inspired by others and their stories to finally keep writing it.

basically what i’m saying is, i suggest you take a break from the story your writing. don’t force yourself to write it when the passion isn’t there because it’ll show in the amount of effort you put into it and you’ll be dissatisfied with the outcome. maybe during the break you can explore the idea of starting another project like you mentioned? if it’s meant to be, you’ll find that passion for writing your story again because you’ll miss it. and if not, that’s okay too because you’ll know for sure you can put all your attention on your new project! :blob_hearts:


OKay, thank youuu! This helps me a lot. :sob:

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no problem, i hope you’ll figure it out!!

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I completely know the feeling. That’s how I’ve been feeling about the story I’m working on right now. I think a break from thinking about the story may be what you need. Just for a while, just until you realize that ending the story will lift a heavy weight off your shoulders. Even if it’s not an ending you like, it’s still complete. Hope that makes sense.