How to find out if people are reading your story? Please I need all the help I can get!


So I published a story The Impossible Task and I have 4 veiwers and I want to see if they are just reading the first episode or are reading all of them! My sister said that there is a chart. It’s confusing!:rofl:! If there is a way how do you do it? Thanks! :hugs:


I’ve never heard of the being a chart or any way to see it in general. Hopefully someone figures it out, as I am very curious :smile:


There’s no way to do that I think I knew you can see how many readers but I’m not sure


Yeah, I have no idea either. I wish they gave us analytics like they do for youtubers and stuff


Exactly then we know what to improve on all we have is fan mail and the 5 gold stars


What are the 5 gold stars?


A rating of the story but with :star:




Haven’t you seen it when you are using the passes to read more things


No chart, but one way I sort of tested this with myself was I updated my H&V story with 2 chapters after the contest was over, to see if my reads went up. If they didn’t go up, I figured either people only read the first or second episode or they didn’t favorite it, thus not continuing, thus not seeing the update. And if they reads went up by a certain amount, I could guesstimate how many actual readers I had


So when people read more chapters you get more view! LIKE saw you have 4 chapters and you have 4 views it can all just be the same person?


Yeah it could be 1 person reading 4 episodes, or 2 people who have read 2 each. Or 1 person read 1 episode and another read 3