How to fit 6 people


I want 6 people in one zone in a scene in my new story but i only know upscreen right and left and left and right i dont want to do center cause then I’ll have only like 5 people in a zone


You have to learn how to spot direct. Spot directing is when there is a certain spot for each character to stand at. I recommend watching Joseph evens YouTube video on Spot directing.
Hope this helps;)


I know how to spot direct just thought there was another way :grin::joy:


Ohhhhhhh ok…well I am pretty sure that those are the only positions there are!


There are ones like back left or far back left? Not sure which one it is so you might just have to pick whatever till it works


All the basic positions:
@CHARACTER stands screen right
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@CHARACTER stands screen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen left
@CHARACTER stands upscreen right
@CHARACTER stands back far left
@CHARACTER stands back left
@CHARACTER stands back right
@CHARACTER stands back far right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen right
@CHARACTER stands offscreen left


The bottom ones are what I meant @Teahwalker

@Apes, You explained it way better though :slight_smile: