How to fit speechbubbles on all devices

Hey guys! I need help with the speech bubble replacement. So I know that I can put the speech bubbles anywhere I want and I know how to code it, but I was wondering how you can fit ALL of the speech bubbles in your story in every device cause some of my speech bubbles are out of screen when I preview it on my phone, so if you guys know how to fix this then thank you!

You can place the speech bubbles where you want in the app and either make it smaller or larger, then just copy the speech bubble code just above the speech bubble, and it’ll be in the place and size you’ve placed it…

I hope I made sense :sweat_smile:

Okay thank you! It’s gonna take a really long time cause I added so much characters and words but thank you! And it did make sense! :+1:

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No worries, that’s how I do it if I need it might look right on the writer portal but it’s not on the app :woman_facepalming:t3: