How to: Flip overlays

Ever wanted to use an overlay but it faced the wrong way? And you had to edit it yourself? Or you tried rotating it awkwardly…? No more! Flipping overlays is super easy :blush:

Overlays have two scales, x (horizontal) and y (vertical). All you need to do is scale it to negative in one (or both) of the directions, depends on how you want to have it.

How to do it:

Normal scale:

&overlay SANDWICH_PLATE scales to 1 1 in 0


Flipped horizontally:

&overlay SANDWICH_PLATE scales to -1 1 in 0


Flipped vertically:

&overlay SANDWICH_PLATE scales to 1 -1 in 0


Flipped both ways:

&overlay SANDWICH_PLATE scales to -1 -1 in 0


:exclamation: Careful: You won’t be able to use flipped overlays as tappables anymore.

I hope you find it helpful! :hugs: :tulip:

PS. Feel free to use this overlay.
PS2. It works with characters and zooms too :shushing_face:

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Very helpful! Thanks a lot!

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saw this right on time omg thanks x

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Found out the hard way that negative scaling makes it unusable as a tappable overlay. In that case, you have to upload the overlay facing the direction you want.

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Oh, dang. Good to know! :sweat_smile: I’ll put it in the post just in case.


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