How to focus on one character and blur the background

Hey! I am wondering, how do we focus on one character because I see in a lot of stories that when the background is blurred and we only really see the character that the writer wants the reader to notice. ALSO, how do we slide character out of the way to focus on a certain thing or person ? :two_hearts:

idk how to slide a character to focus on one thing I have been trying to learn that myself but for the blurred backgrounds I don’t think there is any coding I just think it’s a background you use bc I have some blurred backgrounds.
Sorry if this didn’t help.

It’s okay dw!! Do you have a blurred background that I can use?

for this you just have to download the background and blure it in any picture editing program (pgotoshop) than it you want to animate it uploade it as overlay - put it over the original not blured background and by changin opacity you can create effect that the background si bluring in time.

Wait, so how do I make it as an overlay because I need people to stand behind

I have a bedroom that’s blurred.
And then I have like a fire background that’s blurred but it goes more with my story bc it’s fantasy.
Do u want the bedroom background?

Mmmm, I’m going to try and make my own one if that’s okay? :two_hearts::cherry_blossom:

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