How to follow a character with the spot you want?



I want my character to be followed but in the same time I want him to go in the spot I want, not the zone, I want him to go in a exact spot because my character is short and I want her to stay short while she’s walking. Can somebody help me please? Thank you ! :slight_smile:



So you want your character to walk to a certain spot but to stay the same size?


Exactly :slight_smile:


Basically if you go on the episode mobile app (or preview it on your computer) and press directing help. Then click spot helper and move your character where you want her / him to go. And for your scripting put: @CHARACTER walks to spot (copy down the numbers it says here) . Was that any help?


&pan to zone # in [seconds]
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.479 260 370 in zone # in [seconds]

Make the seconds the same so it’s like it follows the character. :slight_smile:


Here’s a guide on spot walking:


@follow CHAR to (screen position) in zone (insert zone here)


Hey hun I just tried using that command, but it says invalid. Having problems with following character to a spot in a zone.


@follow CHAR to screen position in zone (enter zone)

Ex: @follow AIJAH to screen right in zone 2


I need to have my character to be followed to a spot
ex. @follow CHARACTER to spot spot 1.280 67 5 in zone 3, but says invalid


you can not follow a character to a certain spot. you have to follow them to a screen position then you’d have to walk to them to the spot you want them to walk to.
@Follow AIJAH to screen right in zone 2 then AIJAH walks to spot 1.280 67 5


ah ok ty hun


Do this if you want to follow a character to a different zone.


Thank you ! :wink:


Thank you guys, it is really helpful. I was really confused but now I understand more the spot directing and stuff ! :smiley:


No problem! :wink:


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