HOW TO: Follow a zoom with the camera

Hey guys!

I am in the process of writing my very first story on the app and I need another tip from you. How can I make the camera follow a zoom towards a character? I don’t know how to explain it more clearly, so I hope you somehow got the drift!


@follow CHARACTER to position in zone #

@follow CHARACTER to position in zone # in T



do you mean when the character walks that the camera fallows him being zoomed?

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Do you mean after they have walked or as they are walking.

If for as they are walking then this:
@CHARACTER walks to position X Y Z in zone #
&follow CHARACTER to zone #


I meant the camera following the zoom while doing a progressive close - up on a character… hope I’ve explained it better, I suck with all this Episode terminology lol ahahah

No I meant a progressive zoom… like, the camera following a close - up zoom, to make the whole moment a tad more dramatic… hope you’ll somehow get the drift!

zoom is done that you in preview window open the helpers/ camera.

and with uzing zoom and focus you zoom on desired spot.

Then you copy the code to your script.

If you want it instant you will keep it happening in 0

if you want the zoom happening in time you will add at the and the time

I sm not sure what you mean with progressive zoom ( if you mean zoom in time) if it is something different pls try to explain it to me

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Yes exactly I meant in time, not an instant zoom… alright so after I copy the zoom, at the end of it all I add the time?

Like this for example:

@zoom on 747 310 in 179% in (5)

yes just without the brackets

@zoom on 747 310 in 179% in 5

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