How to get a character behind overlay


Hey, so I’m writing my story, and there is a scene where I place the fan in front of the character in the red carpet, and no matter which layer I place, the character will still place in front of the layer?


Move it to layer -1 because the overlay is at layer 0:

@CHARACTER moves to layer -1


it didn’t work


Try moving the layers in increments of 2. For some reason layer 0, layer 1, layer 2, etc. doesn’t work for me. I have to do layer 0, layer 2, layer 4, layer 6 etc.

Also I recommend having both characters in 2 different layers as long as its below the CONCERT CROWD overlay.


It didn’t work, either… I should give up on this :sweat_smile::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
But thanks for all of your help, T.T


Oh my god, after I say that, It work T.T thanks you so much, It actually work


No problem :grin: