How to get a character to face a direction?

Hello, i’m trying to get the character “Rafael” to face left while kissing, but it won’t work and keeps facing the wrong way. Can someone please help.

faces left before the Kiss_passiobate_loop

So like “CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is kiss_passionate_loop_rear” ?

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That works for mee

When characters are doing a rear animation, they face the other way. So if you put face left it’ll face right. So I suggest swapping them and seeing if that works


It didn’t work…

Does the “facing right/left” go before or after the animation?

im dumb u have to out faces right bc its rear

It can go either, I don’t think it matters

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lol, i tried both left and right but the charcter still dosen’t face the correct direction. :sob:

What way are you trying to make them face?

I want “Jessica” to face right, while I want “Rafael” to face (i’m assuming right) I currently have it as: (line 13 and 15)

So coding them both facing right doesn’t work?

I tried to refresh the portal and it worked! thank you so much though ladies, and thank you @Gazza_Episode for the tip when it comes to characters facing rear, I was a bit confused by that at first.

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No problem! Hope your story goes well :slight_smile:

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