How to get a charcter walk from screen left to a spot

so i need my character to walk from screen left to a spot but when i do
@CHARACTER walks from left to spot 123…
What am i doing wrong?

Just put
@CHAR walks to spot …
You don’t need to put from screen position - only when entering a scene do you need to do this :slight_smile:

When i do walks to spot the character comes in from the right when the other character is coming from left and i need them both to come from left x

You would then need to spot direct them off screen to the left. Example-
@CHAR spot 0.800 -100 50 AND CHAR2 spot 0.800 -100 50
@CHAR walks to spot 0.800 200 50 AND CHAR2 walks to spot 0.800 100 50
This way they will enter the scene at the same height

okays thank you for all your help x

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