How to get active readers without making new friends?

When I asked this so many people told me to find friends but I don’t have personality, I am boring and shy. Plus I don’t want to have friends just because of my stories because I will feel like I am using them. How can I get more active readers. I know it’s not about the readers but it’s sad to see that I am on the same number for weeks. Do you know any ways to get more readers? I will make a new topic and I will promote my story.

If you are interested here is my story:
Title: The Bet
Author: Kristen Prescott(kristen.epii on instagram)
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 16 more coming soon
Description: She is a rude spoiled brat. He is a boy with a painful past. When he makes a bet on her, their lives will have a drastic turn. Will the opposites attract?
Style: INK but after I finish it I will write it in Limelight
Small cover:


ill check it out

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I will def read it!

One thing that could help you is having instagram! I just made an account, maybe 3 days ago, and got like 90 reads. Posting stuff on insta rlly helps!

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Everyone is special in their own way. Give yourself some credit :heart:
When I join the forums, I was working on my 1st story and needed some directing help.

Only after completing my story, then I had the time to mix around with the forum users here. And… you don’t have to “find” friends. Making friends is not just about “Hey I want to be your friend.” Then start making random conversations. There are many other ways too :smiley:

Time and fate will make you meet the person most suitable to be your friend. There are people here that… me and them, we started out as friends and now we are real life besties! True friends will come to your life when you least expect it :heart: :heart:

You can promote your story in IG and engage in r4r too but beware not to get ghosted by some people. I made many friends through r4r. Good luck with your story by the way :blush:


omg boring and shy, I very much relate to that lmao. (but I can already tell ur not boring and being shy isn’t a bad thing! :))
anyway when I first published my story I made an instagram acc to promote it and I did a lot of r4rs here on the forums. the easiest way I found to get reads* was by promoting my story here tho. there are lots of threads that people browse to find a new story. if you post your story in threads asking for it, people r bound to see it


I just published my first story myself! Thanks to all the help in the comments and don’t worry you will get reads! :heart:

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If you want to get more reads I suggest reading this : 🍒 Tips and Tricks to Get More Reads on Your Story 🍒 [Links Included]

hope it helps! :,)

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