How to get all customization options?

So, I’m currently in the customization tab under ‘character settings.’ I’m creating my characters for a story I’m working on, but I noticed that not all the character customization styles are available. This has been an issue in the past for me as well, and I never figured out why this is. I’ve read many stories with so many unique hairstyles, clothing, brow and nose types, etc. But under my customization options, I don’t see all of those options. Why? Are those bonus styles I need to earn or something?

wait for what? like for your profile on the app? because if so, it’s because that episode uses avatar creator and that doesn’t give us all of the available hairs and stuff! :grin:

the featured stories all include new hairstyles that we don’t have acces too.
the non featured stories using the same templates.
check out dara threads, they’re all updated with the hair that just came out.