How to get characters to walk and talk at the same time?



I noticed that there are several authors get their characters to walk to certain spots or exit out of the screen while the speech bubble is present.


You need to use an &command with the speechbubble, like this:

&CHARACTER1 walks to screen center in zone 2
CHARACTER1 (animation)


If you get the character to exit the screen instead of putting @CHAR walks to spot 1.270 -100 0 the speech bubble will disappear. If you put
&CHAR walks to spot 1.270 -100 0
CHAR (walk_talk_happy)

the speech bubble won’t disappear once the character exits the scene.


Is this just for Ink because I can’t seem to figure it out for Limelight.


Everything stays the same it’s just different animations


Okay, I’ll try it again.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: