How to Get Clear Skin?

so, just a question, I’m a young female woman who has terrible acne, is their any supplements, or products, or household ways to make my skin clear?/

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Drink tons of water. And I mean TONS during the day everyday. You will pee like a horse but that just goes to show that you’re doing well with the drinking water lol. Also an exfoliating facewash. Use it when you shower before bed every night. And follow up with a moisturizer (one with no frangrance and maybe hypoallergenic). I use coconut oil and shea butter.

Sorry for the rant. Hope this helps :woman_shrugging:t2::blush:


Don’t know if you’ve heard of this product but Curology is really good! You begin by taking a quick survey about your skin asking if you have dry, oily, skin etc. and they create a personalize formula fit for your skin! I used to have so much acne on my forehead but it worked for me! It’s basically a night cream you put before going to bed :innocent:

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use aloe vera
i personaly use this and drink tons of water :blush:

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Drink water. It really does work. Also, make sure to moisturize! Even if your skin is oily, the oil might mean that it is actually quite dry, and your skin tries to fix it by making your face oily.
Garnier has the best moisturizing facemask ever, and it’s not too expensive!

If you can get your hands on this goddes, i really recommend it!!

It really works miracles! It’s sooo good, makes my face clear out.
Also, skip the chips and other oily or greasy foods.
Make sure to have makeup free days and never sleep with your makeup on.

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Go to your doctor, most of these ‘miracle cures’ for acne aren’t what they really say and don’t work. A doctor can prescribe you a topical cream for your acne that is much stronger than any kind of cream you can buy in stores :slight_smile:

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Eat lots of raw carrots and drink plenty of water (this is amazing for your skin)
Wash your pillow cases with baby detergent as often as possible (regular detergent can be irritating.)
do NOT touch your face I know it’s tempting, but I had severe acne on my forehead for about two years, turns out it was from having a bad habit of rubbing my forehead while concentrating/thinking. The oils from my hands, not to mention all the germs on our hands, caused the breakouts.
If you MUST wear makeup, only wear it to school or when in public… wash it off as soon as you get home… makeup covers embarrassing acne… but it also only makes your acne worse.

When you wash your face wash it GENTLY, don’t scrub, use a very mild soap… dove soap is great! Wash with warm water (warm water opens the pores) and rinse away with very cold water. (The cold water will close up your pores.) Dab your face dry… do not RUB or Scrub the water away. Wash your face before bed OR in the morning, not both! If you wash it too much your skin will get irritated.


In my opinion you should drink water and eat fruits which makes you hydrated like cucumber, carrots and watermelons :watermelon:. You should wash your face twice a day with good anti acne facewash. Refrain from oily foods and snacks. Try to be stress-free. Because stress also causes acne. Keep your body hydrated and happy. Surely, you will notice that your acne will vanish :heart_eyes:

Wash face regularly
Get adequate amount of sleep
Do not touch them…they tend to increase that way
Eat less of dairy products(as consulted by my dermatologist because even i have that problem)
Maintain your weight if u r a teenager
And drink lots of water
Basically u need to keep ur skin dry
And dont worry much…if u r a teenager and r getting this problem then it will mostly settle down once hormonal balance is settled

Aloe Vera + Rose Water + Palmers Cocoa Butter :kiss:

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I started using Aloe Vera face wash, moisturiser and day cream and I cleared up massively!! It cost £60 but nothing has worked better for me!!! Also drink lots of water and don’t eat lots of unhealthy foods :slight_smile:

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Telling you what works for me:
I like using raw aloe vera, it does work but you have to stick to it! don’t go one week and forget for the rest of the month like I do :joy: If you’re taking that route drink lots of water (the best way to get clear skin) and keep your skin hydrated. Aloe vera can dry out your skin (and lips) if you’re not hydrated. Aloe vera aftersun gel is also a really good product if sunburn is an issue for you

And I’ve heard about people using lemons, apple cider, toothpaste and baking sodas… Those can have really HARMFUL effects. I wouldn’t recommend any of those :grimacing:

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