🙋 HOW TO: Get Episode Forum App!


I accidentally discovered this: :astonished:

What you have to do:


Discourse iOS app


Discourse Android app

After you have You app open, click on + Add your first site

write in a search bar:
and click done.

Then click on connect

and then Authorize

Log in to your account and enjoy notifications! :smiley:

Now you’ll never miss anything! :smiley:

Tested! Works like a charm!

A New User's Guide To The Forums!
The Confession Thread 😘

Had no clue Discourse has it’s own app. This is super helpful. Gonna pin it for a bit and also moved it to Welcome, Start Here! > Forum Tutorials. Thanks! :smiley:



Omg :scream::scream: your a genius!


S h o o k

Thank you so much!




something long desired!


The real question is how did you accidentally discover a 4 step guide to do this? :thinking:


:zipper_mouth_face: I just tried and it worked :joy:


Does it show on the discourse logo


Yes, you need to enter the discourse app but if you have Episode forums open you’ll automatically go there.


Thank you for the wonderful discovery! You saved us from always going through those 10-35 notifications everyday! You’re a genius! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


At the risk of sounding off topic. Do you happen to have examples of what notifications you are referring to? Would like to take a look into this. Thanks.


Respected @Jeremy
The notifications which I am referring to and you are questioning about are the normal notifications which everyone on the forums gets (from Private Messages or Threads). It is just that when I log out and come after a long time (maybe 1 day or more), the notifications just go up to that number mentioned above, and the new discovery has made it easy for me to not allow that somehow. I apologize if I produced any misunderstanding.
Thank you.


oh no problem at all. I am still not on the same page with how the notifications are a problem though? Might I ask what device you are using to view the forums? I use both an Android device and Windows 10 PC and the notifications don’t bother me at all (and trust me, I get more of them then all of you, lol). So just wondering what about the notifications is bothersome? Would like to see if there is any research I can do into improving this in the future. Thanks!


Well, your job sounds very tiresome and busy (I salute you for getting through that everyday! :yellow_heart:).
I also use an Android device or sometimes Windows 7 PC for referring to the forums.
Whenever a forumer exits a PM, the system always pings a notification to us. But if the forumer is exiting all the PMs one by one and the system keeps giving the notifications to us continously, it kind of becomes annoying.
I think the system should ping us once or maximum thrice about the leaving a PM member. I have no idea whether you or other people would prefer it (just a suggestion).
Thank you.


Imma have to stick to the mobile forums on chrome cause I don’t have any space on my phone lol


Is it bad that I was waiting for someone to comment that? :sweat_smile:

Also, LOL


Haha no, finally I can relate to someone :joy:


If you don’t mind me asking, is this an appropriate app? Because it is rated 17+ on the iPhone App Store


I have no idea. I didn’t look at the rating, to be honest. You can add different forums who use discord as well, but I only have episode.