🙋‍♀️ HOW TO: Get Episode Forum App!

Also Ten Steps To Her Door, it’s so good

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Through the worlds
By ksenia is super cool eith millions of reads go check it out too

Hola, llevo unos meses escribiendo una historia en Episode, pero me fallan varias cosas, no conozco mucho y quiero que la historia tenga escenas y acciones muy interesantes.
La historia es basada en Hush Hush, si hay alguien que tenga conocimiento del tema, desea ayudarme y ser parte de la creación de la historia en español, puede mandarme mensaje.
Llevo mucho tiempo trabajando en esto y deseo que se haga realidad, así que necesitaría a alguien que tenga conocimiento de acciones, movientos, cámara, etc

Contactame en mi instagram @_jack_______00 y si te gusta Hush Hush, sería mejor y más importante que formarás parte de esto

Hello, I’ve been writing a story in Episode for a few months, but several things fail me, I don’t know much and I want the story to have very interesting scenes and actions.
The story is based on Hush Hush, if there is someone who has knowledge of the subject, wants to help me and be part of the creation of the story in Spanish, you can send me a message.
I have been working on this for a long time and I want it to come true, so I would need someone who has knowledge of actions, movements, camera, etc.

Contact me on my instagram @_jack _______ 00 and if you like Hush Hush, it would be better and more important for you to be part of this

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I’m writing here because I cannot find where to start a topic. Please, tell me how to do it! There is no button for “new topic”.


There’s three lines at the top right corner, click on it, then on New, and there you will see a button new topic. (hope it make sense) :white_heart:


It shows me something else, there is no “New Topic” button, I can’t even post here the screenwhot because it doesn’t allow me.


You have to wait some time, because you just recently joined.



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so nice :smiley:

hey guys i don’t know why it won’t show me the new topic icon or is there another way to post a new topic i’m new this please help

It worked thank you for sharing this :heart:-

Omg I didn’t even know it existed! Thank you so much for sharing this! :heart:

I just did it it looks so much like an app and with the new iOS I can change DiscourseHub’s app icon and name

I’m wondering if I got the right icon for forums if there is a different one then you can send it here so I can replace it


Does it work with windows? :thinking:

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Omg thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Do u know the name of the game that noraverse plays

Thanks for sharing such information.

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life saver

Thank you and really you are a Genius