🙋 HOW TO: Get Episode Forum App!


I wasn’t sure, because some apps I have encountered like that collect your information without your knowledge.

Although this app seems like it may be fine :grin:


OMG, you are a genius. Thank you SOOO much, I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for like the past 2 weeks and couldn’t find a way to have the forum on my home screen.
Saved my lifee <3


Thx for this


AHHHHH thank you so much


You’re a blessing!


Holy … i can’t say it though but Oh my god


It’s 17+ because you can use it to access other forums with adult content with it. But it is def safe to use for our forums :smiley:


Whatever browser you are using on your phone/device should have an “Add to Homescreen” option (or something similar) in settings. Once you are on the main forums page you can choose that option and it will add a shortcut to your devices main screen :smiley:


I know that the “Add to Homescreen” button doesn’t make the forums an actual app. But it’s kinda cool, cause it sort of does make it look like it is.


You are a genius :scream: gonna try this rn.




How do you open your own link tree?


Thank you. I’m new here and think this will help loads :grin::grin::wink::wink:


You’re a life saver, this app is amazing. :heart_eyes:


It appears Discourse app and viewing on an internet browser on your phone appear to display it the same way I even think discourse may even open up a browser to view it. It would probably be simpler to create a browser icon on your home/app screen that links straight to the forum.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you


It’s view is the same as the browser, but you won’t get a notification chime everytime you have a notification in the forums unless you use discourse. or maybe that’s just my device! 🤷


Oh ok, my phone is always on silent so I didn’t know there was a chime.


This is amazing! Does anyone know how to access it if you already have the Discourse app? Is there a way to get to it if you’re not adding your first communities?


there’s an X on the left top side :slight_smile: you can add more :smiley: