How to get featured by Episode

They say “make us say “Wow!” in first 20 lines,” boi coding an overlay takes about 30 lines for something fantastic :expressionless:

I’ve emailed them about Mystic Messenger survey but ugh.



Are you sure they don’t mean spoken lines? Like, lines with the characters?

I don’t think any dialogue can impress someone like that.

That’s true

They could mean directing, sound, etc and all? I know I’ve been “Wowed” by a story just by how they incorporated all that. But, I’ve only ever seen ONE story like that…

20 lines is too little to decide

Of course, I don’t believe they actually make decision based off the first 20 lines. I think it’s just a goal for us, as writers, to help make our stories better. It also could mean it significantly increases your chances to get featured? Does this make sense? My wording may be different from what I’m trying to say…

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Have a nice intro, good plot, and amazing directing. That’s kind of how to get the “wow” factor.
I doubt the 20 lines thing has to be exact, but it is possible, yes.
My intro takes around… 10-15 lines? I know it’s not ultra long. Intros actually aren’t too hard to make, depending on what you’re making and how you go about it.

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And what I mean by “amazing directing” isn’t for you to have ultra complex directing that you spend 20223948 hours on on every single little scene, and there’s so much that the readers are paying attention to the directing and not the actual story and you end up getting bored of the directing,

I mean little to no directing mistakes, and to not always have default directions (nothing wrong with those when necessary), but more than likely with (almost) every scene, you will be doing so directing someway or another.

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You’re taking it too literal. They mean it has to be something impressive.

Are we talking about being featured on the weekly/monthly shelves? Because I thought most of that just came from the Instagram recommendations

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How is Ebonni or Uwe not discovered yet :thinking:

No, featured stories

So you mean the episode official stories?

I even offered Episode a plot where its full of romance, with cute gem scenes. I offered coding the story. I just hope I get an answer soon :upside_down_face:

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Directing isn’t the only thing that pulls people in. Plot as well. In fact, loooong before public overlay uploading was a thing, there was still stories with millions of reads. And there still is ones without star directing that are ultra popular. We all have different taste. I personally like the romance/ fantasy stories with a comedic kick in them.

I think a good first step to getting featured is a good retention rate.

I’m pretty sure they read more than 20 lines :rofl:
Like, just to feature a story on a weekly shelf I believe they read at least three episodes to make sure it’s appropriate and doesn’t break guidelines?