How to get featured by episode?

Hey y’all! So I’m very curious, how do you get featured by episode on their Instagram page?

Here’s an example⤵️

Please tell me if you know! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: btw this is not my edit, i see some of you are getting confused :sweat_smile:


Episode will message you on instagram and they will pick an edit of your work that they want to feature on their page. So once they do, u can send them the edit by direct message and they will upload it soon.

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Ohh, I see! Thanks!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you use the hashtag #noticemeepisode under your posts, the Episode Team will message you asking for permission to post the edit that they’ve selected among your work.

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Ohh, would they feature everyone who use the hashtag?

No…not everyone…they select the ones they like. So just keep posting and using the hashtag and maybe after some time they’ll feature your work xx :heartpulse:

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Ohh, now I understand. Tysmm!! :heartbeat:

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This was fast! Congrats! :raised_hands:

I only saw this just now as I am not that active on forums so I didn’t see your thread…And I saw that episode featured your edit on their account…I didn’t knew that you don’t know bout how to get edits featured but I am stunned by your edits really…I even follow you on insta…This is mindblowing…:flushed::exploding_head::heart_eyes:

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