How to get front facing images

I’ve being trying to make a certain overlay in frontal position from a side view, it’s a chair from a episode background. The apps I use are PicsArt, photoshop mix and paint 3D as my options to use. Does anyone at all know how to make side images face the front using these apps? If there are other apps (free of course, no PS) please share and how exactly to do so! Thanks in advance to those who help!!

u could u the transform button and flip the character around

What app would this be?

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I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but if you’re basically flipping an overlay you could use ibisPanint X…? :woman_shrugging:t4:

@EVL.Daisy Just as an idea, there are the chairs in that living room background from overlay. Let’s say I want those chairs to be front facing, instead of being on an angle, how would I do this?

My guess would be you’d have to actually make that, not just flip it.

@EVL.Daisy would you have an idea like at all on how to actually make it😬?Because I reckon it would be really hard to find the actual chair and make it.

Best guess, use the overlay you already have as a reference photo and go from there and actually make it. That be hard, I tried once and we ain’t going back to that.

Haha, thanks!!

Yeah, sorry I couldn’t be of more use or help!

No worries! Do know anyone on forums who would know how to this​:joy::joy:

Oof, no…! SO sorry, I would just look on threads. That’s where I’ve gotten everything I’ve needed. The forums family is really nice, there are a ton of overlay threads, maybe look there and hopefully you get lucky, sorry!

Thanks again!