How to get inspiration and motivation for your story? And how many lines in your script are good enough?

Just want to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Inspiration can be found anywhere! Dreams especially for me. I’ve written 4 stories thanks to my mind’s mini movies :joy: Although, inspiration can be found during day to day moments like watching T.V e.t.c and they just appear.

Motivation goes hand in hand with inspiration. I think the stronger your inspiration is, the more motivated you are to your idea. As for keeping that inspiration, I have no idea and still struggle.

Length, the best thing to do is write what you want and then time it. An experienced director can write 2000 - 2500 lines and it only amount to around 10 minutes where as a basic director can write 800 lines and it take the same amount of time. I always use google stopwatch to get the chapter length between 13 - 18 minutes :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too :rofl:

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@PerplexedJam @brvnda Thanks guys!


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