How to get money and how much for a story?


Hello fellow episodians!!! I do not have a story but I know a few people that do and they want to know how they can get money from their story and how much they get? I was just going to ask @Liz but I thought why not ask all of you and/or let others know how to too :grin:


The only way to earn money from an Episode story is to qualify for the Writer Payments program. To do this you must earn 500k regular chapter reads or 100k gem choice chapter reads within a 60 day period AND be at least 18 years of age. If you qualify for the payments program and are less than 18 you can wait until you turn 18 to enroll.

As far as they payment rate goes, it varies from month-to-month based on the number of reads you earn in that month and how busy the Episode app was in that same time. Generally it is based on a rate of $X / 1000 reads.


thank you! What does $X mean?


You get a certain amount of money per 1000 reads when you fulfil the criteria that Liz outlined above. Liz isn’t disclosing how much that is though as judging by her reply, it can vary depending on how many people are using the app at that point in time and how many reads you actually get x


thank you


can you please estimate on how much you can get?


It varies widely depending on the number of stories you have and the number of reads your stories earn. Some people make less than $100 a month others make a full-time living.


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