How to get more readers?💛

Hi! I have 3 stories and I struggle with getting more readers. My very first story “ Daughter of Aphrodite” has 593, the second has “Businesses partners “ 23 and the third “Fault of the moon” 23. I do not understand why it is like that as both ( 1 and 2) are bad, to my mind. The third has point system, lots of choices, timed choices, good directing. Got any advice on how to make these stories better?
Thank you in advance :heart::blue_heart::green_heart::heartpulse::purple_heart::yellow_heart::kiss:

Here are some things I noticed make good stories
-eye catching cover
-good grammar and punctuation
-and also you needa keep promoting

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Thank you :blush: I think it has not that bad cover so far, but thank you

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No problem if you have a good description it draws the readers in

Not sure about description though :sweat_smile:
Here is coverimage

Not perfect, but…

It’s good to get an IG following going to promote your stories. You can also reach out to IG accounts that review / promote smaller stories. It also helps to make friends with a lot of influence.


How do I get a lot of followers? When I post something i use a lot of hashtags, but what else?

Thank you :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

The cover looks really nice I noticed readers like drawn covers sorta like this one:

(P.S I didn’t make it I forgot their @)

I think @/epy.karina made that I’m not sure lol

I saw this story and I finished it like 2 weeks ago​:sweat_smile: Yeah, I know, but as a rule, such artist need :moneybag: and I understand why. That’s a lot of work, but I cannot pay right now


Hi You may want to get an eye catching drawn cover sort of like this

And do lots of read for reads, I have a thread for it myself

Can we do one? I am going to read your story and send you screenshot

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Of course and if you want a drawn cover I make them for free but it takes me a while :slightly_smiling_face: I drew the one above and this one

, I have a thread for it here.

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Yeah I get it some people do Requests tho so you can request some drawn ones on the forum

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Personally, I make directing / writing / and grammar tips on my IG which are recognized and promoted by bigger accounts. I don’t have many followers, but overtime I’ve gained more by being persistent and active each week. Honestly, there’s no right way to get more readers. You just keep trying and don’t give up.


Thank you so much, guys. @ihicks01 and @RachelleFaucet I will keep it in mind.
Although, @ihicks01 i am currently reading your story and damn! I love it!!! I think i will finish it soon​:sweat_smile::yellow_heart:

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Awww thank you :smile:

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