How to get more recognition/More reads?


Does anyone have any tips on encouraging others to read my story? I have Instagram and Twitter where I post updates and the links to new episodes and things but i don’t have many followers at all on there either… I’m really trying to make a go of becoming an author on Episode but my story just isn’t reaching many people… :thinking::heart:


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I’ve got the same problem, I really try to make a good story but I’m losing my motivation because nobody seems to find it.
I tried some Read4Read, but I think real readers would be better.
Some people just post their story here, but I don’t know how effective that is.


Same here…
I’ve posted mine on here and I only got about 3 more reads since Sunday, I’ve also done read 4 read but they aren’t all that effective… I would ask some larger authors to share my story but I’m not sure if that comes across as desperate :confused:


Get your story reviewed by others! Approach review groups or reviewers on the forums or on Instagram. In addition to potentially improving you story, if they post your review, more people will see your story. Join user-held contests or get involved with challenges. Spread your story to places that ask for stories. I don’t recommend asking big authors, as they probably get billions of the same request. Comment on other people’s stories on their IG, and be engaged in the community (not excessively or spamming, of course). If people see you around a lot, they will perhaps feel more reliant (?), and just might click on your profile. If you get fans, even if it’s only a few, engage with them! You also need to “sell” your story and give a reason for others to click on your story among others, so make sure you’ve got a catching description and also covers that stand out.


Honestly, unless you’ve spoken to the authors and are friends with them, that isn’t a good idea at all.
I personally don’t like when people I don’t know slide into my DMs and go “Hi there! I would love it if you could read and share my story.” It’s completely different if it’s someone that I’ve been speaking to for a while.
You will occasionally see larger authors post that they’re looking for stories in which case, go ahead and recommend yours lol.

Review groups are a good idea. Not only will they read it, but a good page will also provide quality feedback which could help you improve. Some readers actually pay attention to review pages and if a story scores well, they may then read it.

Read for reads aren’t great, but they can be a good start. I’ve found some great stories by doing read for reads. Just make sure the other person sends you screenshots so you know they’ve read it.


Thanks so much for replying, how do i go about the review groups? Like how do i find one? :heart:


Hey what’s your story


It’s called Recently Royal Limelight Edition!! - :innocent::heart:


Hi! I published a story 2 months ago and I think it has gotten pretty well, as in the amount of 2 months it got 51 reads! Also, @Ellie.Author I read Recently Royal in INK and I LOVED IT! I’ll have a read of your story soon!


Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! My story at the moment has 20 something reads and i published it 2 days ago, I’m not sure if that’s good or not haha


I think it’s pretty good! I think that in 2 days I got like 2 or 3 reads? Lol.


I’m having this issue as well. :unamused:


I’ve seen this so many times that I have to suggest something that probably makes me sound like a smartass: try not to be concerned about the reads.

I remember how I rushed my first story because I only cared about the reads. Even when I had only 10-20 readers I updated as often as possible, because I didn’t want them to forget about it. Result: many directing and grammar errors what I noticed only after publishing and 70% of my fanmail was like: “good story, but the episodes are too short”. I started to get quite a lot of reads, but I realized that this is not what really matters. The number of reads won’t give you real motivation, the positive feedback will. It feels much better to have 5 readers who genuinely enjoy your story than 100 readers who won’t continue it after the second/third chapter.

That’s why I think you should focus on the quality of your work, develop your plot and characters, improve your directing, preview your story as many times as possible and be patient: getting your story noticed is hard, but you will have a better chance if you continuously try to improve it.

I have to agree with @nachtmyth and @EliseC about the review option. This is much better than read for read because this way you can start with some feedback and you can find out many things you may overlooked while you are waiting for the reads :slight_smile: If I could start over, I would definitely do it like this.


I wish my story got more reads! Currently I have 62, its depressing to think I’ll have to wait months to get at least 100


I completely understand! The only issue is that I’m not having any feedback… I’d love to know if my story is actually any good or not and what things I could improve on but I don’t have any fanmail and only 9 Instagram followers. I currently have 4 episodes out and I put effort into all of them, It’s not about the reads to me either but I’d just love some recognition since I’ve worked so hard on it like most other small creators!


Are you getting any feedback? :slightly_smiling_face:


It happens to a lot of us small authors! Our stories don’t really get in the trending section :confused:


I listed some groups here but there are many, many more!


Yeah I get some fan mail (I have 12)