How to get more recognition/More reads?


Thank you very much, I’ll have to request one once they reopen ! :innocent::heart:


So I just looked your story up. Firstly, I really think you should get a cover asap! A lot of people won’t even look at a story without one. Secondly, even though your description is different, your title makes me think that your story is the LL version of the featured Recently Royal so you might want to consider changing it.


The best chance is probably finding authors with similar numbers of reads as yours and collab with them.


I love constructive criticism, I think it helps me grow as an author but I’m just scared to write episode 5 because I don’t know if people are enjoying the story or not! :confused:


My cover is still being approved and the title is only temporary until I think of something better :joy::heart:


Hey if u would like id love to make a cover for you!
U can request it here


I know, I still barely get any feedback and I know I have some “loyal” readers since my story always has a higher rank when I update. Deep down I think I should revamp everything I have written so far, but I suck at directing and I don’t have time to learn it :smiley:
The best way to get your first feedback is the review :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve written 8 episodes. I plan on continuing. What I’m going to do is write them all, and then once the fully published story is out there, I’m gonna advertise AF


Your reads will likely go up once you have a cover :blush:


I’ve been waiting for it to be approved for around 5 days now… Would you know if it normally takes this long? :slightly_smiling_face:


All approvals are delayed right now. I just had backgrounds approved after 2 weeks :joy:. It’s not normal, but it’s happening to everyone right now. I’ve been waiting about a week for covers.


I’m aware this is a long-shot but if you’re up for it, perhaps I can help you? This won’t be a collab as I’m not a writer YET but my english is pretty good and I have plenty of experience.
Maybe you can send me your plot for episode 5 and I can help?
Either way, please do not feel forced to do this, haha, if you’re okay to do it yourself, no problem!
And if you decide to do it alone, good luck. :smile:


Yeah. Mine took 3 weeks but I have them now. The best thing to do is focus on the writing and forget about the cover, but check your emails every once in a while coz that’s where they tell u if they approved it or not


Thank you! :innocent::heart:


I pm-ed you if u wanna do a R4r with me


Problem some reviewers are rude (intentional or not.)
A review should be what they liked and didn’t like. Some people just use it for posting dislikes/things they want changed about your story. Constructive criticisim is fun, but if they’re just going to use it as a list of complaints, then don’t waste your time with them


Sorry love, but to get your voice out there, you must either be in a shelf or win a contest. This is sadly how things work. It doesn’t matter how many large authors share/promote your story, you need to get your own reader base so no one drops out after the first 3 episodes.


I would encourage you to keep writing and not focus too much on the amount of reads you’re getting (it can be frustrating). If you’re passionate about writing and your directing is on point and you’re having fun, keep writing. Just keep writing. Eventually, your read numbers will increase and more people will take notice of it and share it, etc. Hey, we all start from the bottom and we have only one way to go: up.

Well, I mean we could go underground, if we dug a tunnel-but as we’re digging that tunnel, people are reading our stories.

Good luck sweetie xoxo


I’m having the same issue myself. From what you are saying, I’m guessing you are a smaller author. I can relate to you.


Thank you :heart: