How to get my story proof read

How are a the ways to get your story proof read, and not just by episode. Does the story have to be published first?

You can get a published or non-published story proof-read. There are plenty of users that will proof-read your story. I have a proof-reading workshop open with Ren, you can request there if you like. We’re both episode community members giving to the community :yay: :blob_hearts:

Tip: You can ask for feedback/a proof-reading in the Creators Corner: Share Feedback section. You can also type in key words such as proofreading and check to see if there are threads on the Forums that do these.

Do all my backgrounds need to be approved for proof reading for an unpublished story. I’ll check out your workshop. Thank you

No, if your story isn’t published yet, backgrounds don’t need to be approved. You just need to have all backgrounds approved before you publish. Hope I didn’t confuse you :sweat_smile:

No you cleared up a lot. The last person I talked to told me I had to publish first and a min of three chapters, but other things said differently so I was confused.

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