How to get people attatched to characters?

I am starting a story and I want to figure out how to get people attatched to my Mc’s. How would I do it?


Same ^

Well, I just give them the personality and looks I like, not how the readers like it. But I know not everyone has the same style, so I still give them limited customization. But just make them how you would like them!

I’m not good at explaining, but I hope this helped lol

In my opinion, make them personable! Make the characters as real as possible with flaws. I feel like those are the types of characters I can connect with, when they are going through stuff I’ve gone through! In the end, make them how you would envision them irl. Most people end up liking the main character anyway, since you hear most about them and play them! That is just my opinion :hugs: Hope I could help and that this makes sense :sweat_smile::blob_hearts:


Thank you all for the feedback! This really helps!

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Someone said make them easily relatable! So give them flaws, dislikes, interests and quirks. One thing that’s really helped me is going online and searching a character questionnaire. There’s a bunch of questions that may not have anything to do with the story, and will probably never go in it, but answer them will help you get to know your characters so much better.


this is the one I use and it really helps!


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