How to get rid of awkward staring zoom out?

It randomly zooms out in the beginning, how do I fix?


INT. STATIC - DAY with BOUTIQUE WITH TV with EXT. WEDDING CEREMONY - SUNSET - OVERLAY to 0.19 213 190 in zone 1 at layer 1 with EFFECT PINK SPOTLIGHTS to 1 20 -157 in zone 1 at layer 6 with UNDERWATER OFFICE DESK to 0.37 415 -9 in zone 1 at layer 5 with ORANGE GLOW to 1 110 1 in zone 1 at layer 3
&overlay BOUTIQUE WITH TV moves to layer 3
&CLERK spot 0.299 505 252 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND CLERK faces right
&MANNEQUIN spot 0.380 362 240 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND MANNEQUIN faces right
@MANNEQUIN changes into wedding_special
@MANNEQUIN is admire
&BACKGROUND11 spot 0.299 329 255 in zone 1 at layer 5 AND BACKGROUND11 faces right
&BACKGROUND13 spot 0.326 341 246 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND BACKGROUND13 faces right
&BACKGROUND15 spot 0.335 389 236 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND BACKGROUND15 faces left
&CROWD1 spot 0.299 310 250 in zone 1 at layer 4 AND CROWD1 faces right
&WOLF spot 0.335 411 236 in zone 1 at layer 3
&CROWD2 spot 0.344 433 234 in zone 1 at layer 6 AND CROWD2 faces left
&BACKPERSON spot 0.380 347 200 in zone 1 at layer 5
&BACKPERSON2 spot 0.389 382 200 in zone 1 at layer 5
&JANE spot 0.560 119 138 in zone 1 at layer 3
@zoom on 219 20 to 228% in 0

@BACKGROUND11 is paparazzi_take_photo
&BACKGROUND13 is admire AND BACKGROUND15 is think AND WOLF is idle_happy AND CROWD1 is talk_excited AND CROWD2 is applaud_loop AND BACKPERSON is idle_rear AND BACKPERSON2 is idle_rear

@JANE walks to spot 0.560 222 147 in zone 1
@JANE is search
@JANE walks to spot 0.236 197 310 in zone 1
@zoom on 216 118 to 410% in 0
@JANE is think
@JANE faces left
@JANE is think
@JANE walks to spot 0.236 207 315 in zone 1

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Hi! Can you send a screenshot of the script?? It’s easier to look at :heart:
But I think I know the problem, give me a sec! :yay:

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Can you describe the issue a little further? Is it line 599?

I don’t see any reason in your script for it to do that :thinking: try putting “@zoom reset” at the beginning :heart:


Could you explain to me the problem, then? I don’t think I understand the issue

at the beginning it zooms out to 100% showing the fake static background and I only want it to zoom on this overlay:

sorry… I don’t think I understand…

I have this background:

and this overlay:
when it zooms out, they see the static , and I only want them to see the overlay.

Okay, I get it now :slight_smile:
If that’s happening it’s probably because the overlay dosen’t cover the full size zone :heart:
Try scaling it bigger with spot directing

Yeah, but if I zoom in, they don’t see the static . I wan’t to get rid of the zoom out at the beginning where they see the static , but I don’t know what’s causing it.

Trying using it with &

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Put the zoom at the very beginning of the scene


Hey guys i want to ask how much time does episode take to acept an overlays cause mine have weeks… im new at this and i really want to write,

You can write while waiting for the approvals :slight_smile: