HOW TO: Get Stories Removed off the App

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First of all, I want to say I never knew of this until @Annieways told me and others.

SO THANK YOU @Annieways for telling us about this cool technique and sharing it! You are truly amazing <3 <3 <3

While we can’t delete stories and un-publish them (yet), we can send in a ticket to ask for them to be removed off the app, so they aren’t visible to others.

So, first what you would do is go to Pocket Gems to send in a ticket:

Fill Out the information there : )

Tell them you would love a story (or stories) removed off the app. By the way, when you’re asking for a story to be removed off the app, it is NOT your share link that you give but instead the web url.

Here’s an example:

This is Figure 1

For Subject you can write Removing Stories off the app or Removing Story off the app, or whatever best suits you wanting your stories off the app.

For the description, can mention something like this (by the way, this is just an example):

I would like this story to be removed off the app:

It also asks for your Support ID.

If you don’t know how to find that, can go here:

After you fill in that information (your e-mail address, subject, description, first name, last name, support ID), you would select Episode for Game/Product.

For issue type, I selected “Feedback or Suggestion” and it has worked perfectly.

Fill out all other details like your device type (p.s NO screenshots are necessary, you don’t need to attach anything.)

Once you fill out everything and submit, your request should be reviewed and processed.

You will get an e-mail saying your request has been received and then you will get an e-mail later on saying the stories have been removed.

When you go to check out your removed story, it looks like this:

The share link below isn’t visible anymore either. It is consider “banned” When you see where the publish button is, it says " Story violates Terms of Service" and when you click on your cover, you’ll be directed to a page that says " Your story has been banned!" DO NOT PANIC WHEN YOU SEE THIS. IT’S JUST THE WAY EPISODE REMOVES A STORY OFF THE APP IF YOU ASK FOR IT TO BE REMOVED.

Note that you still have your story script (ofc) and sometimes, it is even playable (I’ve played it when it was “banned”)

Anyways, once this story is removed (or stories are removed) ,you can should you wish to do so, ask for it (or them) to be put back on the app.

Just send in a ticket saying you’d like for the stories to be added back on your app, visible again.

Again, you’d need to give the web url for your story in order to have this happen (refer to figure 1, the photo). Episode will process your request and send you an e-mail to confirm your ticket has been received. Then later on, they will send you an e-mail confirming your stories have been added back on the app.

…and that’s all! :black_heart:

P.S sometimes requests can take a long time, so you can send in a ticket for this and perhaps wait for a long time until you get a response back.


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First I was kind of confused when this happened to me and I asked the support team if this was a public information or not, because I really want to share it :smiley:
The separate thread is a great idea and honestly I hope they will get enough support tickets to realize it would be justifiable to implement that delete button…


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Thank you for this! I was able to remove 3 discontinued stories from my portal :kissing_cat:

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I got my stories removed! Thank you so much for the help! :blush:

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wig snattched* I’m waiting on the sidelines for them to put a delete button…

Yeah, a delete and unpublish button would be so awesome : )
The best gift from Episode ever!
The do give us really cool stuff, but we need this the most. THE MOST.
I know that other writing platforms allow you to delete your work, but this one doesn’t however hopefully it someday allows us to.
Honestly, I don’t want to delete anything on the Writer’s Portal, just un-publish some stuff. Waiting like crazy for this update.

Anyways, to stay on topic, hope this thread helps people and a huge round of applause to queen @ Annieways for telling us about it ^^


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