How to get story onto a shelf?

Hey everyone! This months shelf is for Women’s history month and my story would fit in that shelf. Do stories get picked by episode for a shelf or do you have to suggest your story somewhere?


The usually post asking for suggestions on Instagram, but I think they also pick some people just from, like, reading? As in Instagram is not the only way your story gets “discovered”


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Maybe some of this will help?
All taken from here

In order to be considered for a shelf (including contests) stories need at least a 3.0. To be considered for a partnership with Episode stories need at least a 3.5. Please also keep in mind that even if a story achieves these scores it does not mean it will be featured - only that it is potentially eligible.

How do you determine which stories get graded?
As much as we wish we could, we are able to grade only a small number of the tens of thousands of the stories on the platform. There are a few ways stories get graded.

  • We have a tool searching for published stories with high Reader Retention (more on that in next month’s forum post). Stories identified by this tool get graded.
  • Stories in the top 100 on any trending section generally get graded and reviewed for content guideline purposes. If they score well they are passed on to the Editorial team.
  • Stories being considered for featuring on a shelf (either from community recommendations or contest entries) are graded.

I think for this shelf along with other shelves, they pick all the stories that will be featured all at once so I think they already have stories that will be featured for the rest of woman’s month. If you want your story to be featured on future shelves, get people to suggest your story on instagram and on the forums. It is not guaranteed that your story will be chosen but it improve your chances a lot


Episode asks for story suggestions on Instagram :slight_smile:

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Amazing advice Amberose, and to the OP, don’t worry too much about it, whether you get on a shelf or not, the most important thing is enjoy writing, and if you’re thinking of forming connections with others, don’t lie and be kind because we need more kind hearted, fair people in this community, be a good person :smiley:


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