How to get the forums app?

Step one

Press add to home
Step two

Step three

Step four


Whoahhh this is so cool! Ty

Do you get notifications from it?

I dont think so though :joy:

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That is just a shortcut to the website and will open in your browser as normal. <3 Not exactly an app but a good suggestion and idea!


It is not desktop if you look at it

It’s either showing you the desktop or mobile theme for the site. But with either instance it’s still in a browser and not a stand alone app. Trust me, I have been pro a forum app since the old days of us on vbulletin. :slight_smile:

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Not sure

Yh, it works on my iphone

How do you do it on an Apple device? :thinking:


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Ah cool. Thanks so much! :blush:

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It works on my Android!

If you’re on iPad…

Then it works.

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Life hacks, I really needed this. :heart:

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your pfp tho :joy: I’m so dead lmao @jeremy

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I know, he was my inspo. :heart:


@BlueMoonWolf where do I see the share button?

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It’s on the top right, the box with a little arrow poking out of it.