How to get the highlighted parts of face and body for edits and make it look like professionals

Hi everyone
I started editing but I didn’t get that glow feeling that I want want that in the face and parts of the body
I tried tuns of different editing apps and sites
but couldn’t find the right one

If some one could suggest me some sites or apps that can help me get highlights and glitter in places it would be awesome!
Any app or any specific type of highlight I a app would be great as well
Tags for help!



U dont need editing apps u can just use whichever drawing app u are using…just add a new layer and change the blend mode to add or overlay as per ur lightning u will notice the glow effect :))
Let me know if u need anymore help


Tags once more :))


Thanks for the tag but I don’t do highlights on the body or face so idk about those :sweat_smile:

But for lights at the corner of the picture or something can be done in gimp by Filters>Light and Shadow

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I mean like how the middle parts of hand are more white and glow that the usuall

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I just recently uploaded an entire skin shading/highlight tutorial that I think will really help you :slightly_smiling_face: KylieJay’s Editing/Drawing School - Editing Skin / Episode Interactive - Part 3

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Thank you!

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PS : big fan of your art and YouTube channel @KylieJay

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I choose a color that it lighter than the base shade, draw a line, then blur it out to make it smooth. It’ll probably be different depending on what platform you’re using!

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I use ibis paint X and occasionally PicsArt and pixlr

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Thank you! :blush:

I use Ibis paint too, and use the Gaussian Blur tool for highlights and shadows

I am using Gimp and SkecthBook. Whichever app you choose to use, I would say try to learn the functions of all its tools.

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I draw a line a little lighter than the skin color in the middle of the body part (i separate the body parts by bend, such as the arm has the following body parts for highlights: shoulder, upper arm, fore arm, elbow/ inner elbow, hand/ palm, and fingers.) I draw the line using the pen or pencil tool, btw. Then I use a blur brush (making sure to size it to be no bigger than the inner of the body part I’m doing.). I blur is only a little bit maybe 2-3 taps on the spot.

-Maybe that helps, I use medibang but all apps have a blur and pen and pencil tool so in this case it doesn’t quite matter which type you use since it just a line being blurred.

Hey! I’m sorry I saw this late but I use Ibispaintx to do the highlights! :blush: :heartbeat:
If you want the highlights to have a glow/bright effect, this is the step-by-step process:

  1. Press the square that has a number 1 at the bottom right, in between the two arrows facing in opposite directions
  2. Tap the word “normal” which is the blending mode of the layer.
  3. Then, go to the lighten blending mode, and you’ll be able to see the word “Add” under it and click that!

I suggest you use the brush: Airbrush (normal) and just lower the size and/or the opacity if you don’t want to add too much!


You may also use these brushes that already have a glow effect, so you don’t need to do that step-by-step process :star_struck: :
Glitter Pen
Glitter Dot- Add
Glitter 1- Add
Glitter 2- Add
Glitter 3- Add
Glitter 4- Add
Glitter 5- Add
Glitter 6- Add
Glitter Heart- Add

and more, which you’ll be able to see when scrolling for brushes at the brush set.

I hope this helps! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Thanks @bellarts.epi
Do you have any specific glitter or share this use?

If you meant glitter brushes, I just enumerated them earlier !

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I mean if you use them do u have any specific type like glitter - dot that you use

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The brushes I mentioned give glitter dots.

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