How to get two characters to talk at the same time


Hi guys, i havent actually asked for help from you guys for a while now… ( as previously i was asking like ALL THE TIME) am sorry, plez dont hate me :blush:

HOWEVER now the time has come again.
I have utubed it i cannot find it.
i have looked it up the guides cannot find it.

so am aware if you want your character to do something or say something for example you can you the word “starts” however in this scene i need two characters say something at the same time.
does anyone know if this is possible?

much appreciated guys :slight_smile:


You could use the narrator for it.

&CHARRACTER1 is talk_neutral
&CHARACTER2 is talk_neutral
Oh my god!

Or you could create a character and name him/her “Both”
Use the speechbubble placement and do the same with it .:slight_smile:

@speechbubble X Y
&CHARRACTER1 is talk_neutral
&CHARACTER2 is talk_neutral
Oh my god!

OR you create a character with the name BOTH and still use the narrator.

&CHARRACTER1 is talk_neutral
&CHARACTER2 is talk_neutral
Oh my god!


PERFECT! thanks love :kissing_heart: