How to get your followers engaged with your upcoming story?

I’m having issues with getting my followers engaged and ready for my upcoming story and it is kinda challenging. I’m trying to do all I can to get them engaged with me in general. I recently opened a Patreon to post things about my upcoming story as well as other things so they can support me on Patreon as well. It’s bad enough Episode doesn’t pay me (I’ve been an author for 5 years), and I am trying to get the Episode platform to work for me. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I know my worth as an author and it sucks that people don’t really know me. Does anybody have any tips or advice?


I would say if u use insta
Put lots of sneak peaks up and count downs
And get more followers by doing F4F

My insta is Cat333.episodes of u wanna do that :joy_cat:

And use lots of # when posting about it

Also advertise on here as well

This is all I can think of rn xx


I totally understand your frustration. It can be pretty difficult getting other people to engage in your content :disappointed_relieved:
But I would recommend being very active on the forums. Reply to every “promote your story” topic you see to get people to see your work. Post sneak peeks and edits on your Instagram. Talk about it as much as possible and people will be excited for the update. I’ll follow you on Instagram so you can message me with any questions or if you just need a friend :relaxed:


I took a peek inside your patreon page, and I personally find it strange to ask your future readers to pay just to see the sneak peek and to ask questions. It’s like asking your fans to pay to see the ads for your upcoming story, and I don’t think it’s fair to have to pay just to ask questions (as an author myself, I’d be the one who’s grateful to have people asking questions and showing support).

My suggestion is maybe not to monetize too much :grimacing: From what I’ve seen with more popular authors, the contents being ‘sold’ are usually bonus or art scenes from the story, and they would post sneak peeks of the content on their social media. That and including the fact that the majority of the Episode community are teenagers, who are less likely to be able to pay for content.


That makes a lot of sense, and I do agree with you. I just felt inspired by an author who is pretty big to start my own Patreon. I’m doing everything I can to get my follows/audience engaged with me and it’s so hard. I’ve been trying for years now. I don’t have any art scenes because I don’t have the money to buy them just yet, and I know that’s what everyone likes to see now. I am offering more than just Episode-related things on my Patreon. I do discussion posts on there as well.

I personally don’t care about art scenes. What I usually purchase from Patreon or Ko-Fi are backgrounds and overlays to use in my stories. Now, obviously not everyone is able to make them (I’m not that good at making my own backgrounds, which is why I purchase them). But maybe you could make script templates if you are good at directing, promote your best scenes on Instagram and have readers pay for bonus scenes, or offer to do reviews/proofread stories. Readers might be more likely to read the story of a person who gives a detailed, thorough, and honest review of their story.

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Ohh okay. I’ll see what I can do.

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If I was a follower and saw you had a new upcoming story but I had to pay to see sneak peeks of it, I would just wait for the story to be released. Why would I pay for something I’m going to see in the story when you release it? Sneak peeks and asking about it should be for free. If you want to get readers excited for your story, show something that isn’t going to be in your story. I saw this “popular” author share bonus/mature scenes that you can’t get in her story. I think that’s worth the money.

It’s worth the money if you have something that benefits the readers in the long run. Reviews, backgrounds/overlays, script templates etc are what people would pay for. That’s what I would pay for. You want people to be like “wow she’s really good at ____, I’m gonna use her again or tell my friends!”

If you want more people to know you, you should start networking. Talk to people, comment on threads/posts, promote yourself on the forums. When you start networking, you are expanding your circle which means more people will know who you are. And if you have good relations with them, that’ll mean more support and they can tell others about your work. You can’t rely on your stories, you as an author has to sell yourself as well.

Sorry if this was long. I tend to write more than I think lol. Hopefully this helps.


This part really does hit different for me because I didn’t really think of it like this. Selling myself is most definitely key, and I haven’t really been doing a good job of that. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying though :relaxed: The reality is that I’m still trying to build my platform and audience. It’s definitely a challenging journey but I’ll get through it.


I think most people forget that as authors, we have to sell ourselves too. It’s like applying to jobs. You can’t rely on your resume to get the position you want. You have to prove to the interviewer that you are worth the position than everyone else. It will be challenging but it’s worth it in the end when you finally get what you want. But the little victories are what makes the process worth it! :slightly_smiling_face: