*How To Get Your Story More Reads*


People are always wondering how to get there story more reads, here are the steps.

  1. Give out a JUICY description. Suspense and add some Drama.
  2. Have a good COVER, the art will draw the readers attention.
  3. Give out a SUSPENFUL sneak peek on the media, and end the couple seconds as a cliffhangers.
  4. Readers like a good medium length story, PLEASE DON’T MAKE YOUR STORY TO SHORT OR LONG 10 - 20 min
  6. Have AMAZING Splashes and Backgrounds.
  7. It’s okay to give the reader a good LAUGH
  8. PLEASE DON’T TAKE FOREVER TO MAKE ANOTHER EPISODE they will no longer be intreseted

Question : What do you guys think?


Mostly agree, though 4 can be a turn-off for a lot of readers, myself included, for various reasons. So that applies more on a case-by-case basis.


I’ll make sure to change that


I disagree with the whole “don’t take to long publish another episode thing” because its discouraging to writers and authors who publish amazing stories on episode which by the way, has happened because they took their time to write the story instead of rushing the storyline in order to please those reviewing or reading their story. An author should not be told to rush their story or to hurry up and come out with new episodes because they will feel pressured and may wind up becoming discouraged to write. I have witnessed various so-called fans rushing the author of their favorite story on episode and the author who become discouraged due feeling pressured to rush the storyline or next chapter. The reality is, it takes time to come out with an amazing story that engages readers. It doesn’t happen overnight. We as authors shouldn’t be rushed or pressured to come out with more chapters and episodes to our stories. Those viewing or reading the story should be patient and understanding because theoretically speaking, it takes time to write a script. It takes time and dedication to write an amazing story. I feel like if you lose interest in the author just because the author took their time to release another episode then you aren’t a real fan or supporter, to begin with. We have lives outside of episode so fans readers and supporters need to take this into consideration as well.


No what I’m saying in as forever, some authors take a year and the readers might think that’s enough time, I’m not saying make one every week, I know you need time, I’m a professional writer. You can take time just not to much. I’m aware I have a life to and so do the readers. For the readers it’s all on them


I agree.


You also said, “Please don’t make your story too short or long.” You went to say, that readers like a good medium length story. In response to this, there are actual readers who prefer to read stories which are longer because it allows the reader or audience to be more engaged when reading the authors story. It captivates the reader more when their chapters are actually beyond medium length. So from that perspective, I understand why some readers prefer longer episodes but it depends on the reader and their choice when it comes to reading short or longer stories.


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