How-To Guide: Making and Adding Muslim Characters




Just wondering, are there any Muslim sayings/blessings which wish for well-being or safety? And can they be said to/about non-Muslims?


Here’s a website with Muslims sayings:
And yes, they can be said to Non-Muslims.


Thank you, Shadow!


I actually never liked living in this country I am (Iran)
They all just lie about being a muslim country while doing none of the things Quaran’s said!
My point is, just be whoever you like, whether it’s a muslim or not


Thanks for commenting that. :heart: Funny thing is, some people from Arab countries I know do that a lot. They eat pork and stuff and I stand here like: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Or worse for me with any religion: Where countries force religion onto the citizens, no one does it because they have a genuine personal relationship with god. They do it because they don’t want to die. What’s the point in that?



So are open-toed shoes okay?

ALso, hey look! I found Dia <3 <3


We prefer if we don’t wear open toed shoes but some of us do just not a lot.


Alright, good. Open-toed shoes are the plague LOL


I love this thread. :purple_heart:


My favorite outfit for a Muslimah in my story (In other colors as well)
I have quite a few outfits that i like, but this one is my favorite :smiley:


So cute.




Off and on topic: Who’s that MUSLIM character if ur pfp? (I think it is from Choices)


It from Choices. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Do not add the Hijab on Male Muslims characters. Hijabs aren’t meant for men. I don’t even understand why Episode added them in for them in the first place. They seriously don’t know how Hijabs work. :unamused: Unless they are doing a movement for Muslim women like they have done is real life, don’t put it on them. It’s incorrect and inaccurate.


I am in absolute awe with your profile and totally support this! thank you!!




Hello guys! I am back off hold and on winter break so I’ll be able to answer questions. I’ll make this like a Q&A type thing—

Ask any question you would like to know more on how to make Muslim characters from personality to the way they dress. I’m willing to take any. :blush: