How to have background characters walk through the scene without stopping

I am making a scene in a street and I want the background characters to walk through.
Is there a code that I can use to make them walk through without stopping?
At the moment I am using the following code:

@EMMA enters from right to screen right
@EMMA exits left

Can anyone help me?

I normally use spot directing to do it. What I do is start them at a spot off screen and time them to walk to a spot off screen, this way they won’t stop. Then you can just remove them or have them exit if you want.

Another way may be having them walk to a screen in a different zone.
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen right in zone 3

If you also use the command with a & rather than a @ sign, you can have the background character moving while the main character or anyone you want in the scene to talk can talk without having to wait for the background character to leave.