How to have char walk then do animation?

How would I have a char walk into the screen and then do said animation without the awkward idle pause that shows for one second?

For example,
@CHAR walks from spot blah blah blah to spot blahblahblah.
@CHAR is cry

There’s a split second between when the char stops walking to when she’s crying.
I’m not sure if the solution to this is "CHAR walks to spot blahblahblah and THEN CHAR is cry. I also know the & command won’t fix it either.

That should cover it but if u want them to walk with a certain animation then you’d do

@CHAR walks to spot blahhhh and CHAR does it while (walking animation) then CHAR is cry

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Alright thanks! Chap 2 is almost done can’t wait for u to see it!!

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