How to have character appear on screen?

I have a vampire character that I’d like to have appear on the screen. I couldn’t find anything on here, I may not have looked hard enough. If anyone could explain, that would be great!

how do u want yr vampire character to appear in the scene? Runing in the scene? or teleport in the scene or walking in the scene?

I’m pretty sure you have to do it like this (if you want to teleport the character):
@CHARACTER spot 1.260 170 50 in zone # at layer #
The spot is just a random spot I choose. You just gotta type the exact spot you want the character to appear in. (I just tested it, it works, but idk for sure…)
This link might help ;).

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both if im being honest. As of right now I was hoping to have my character teleport. But I’m hoping to also have them enter scenes at a quick pace as well.

if you want him instntly matrialize just spot him on spot you want him

@CHAR spot x y z in zone #
or if you use only simple directing
@CHAR stands screen center

however, if you want to animate him “materialize” from transparent to semi-transparent to fully visible you will have to make him like a fading in character:

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