How to have characters go through actions without the reader clicking

I’ve seen before where creators have a scene play out without a reader click it. What is the code translation for that because I am currently using '&,’ but when I test it, I have to click it to play.

uhhh I don’t really understand what you mean, so could you share your code?

As long as there’s no narration/dialogues, the script will play out till the end without having to click proceed.

@JOSEPH is idle
@JOSEPH is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop
@pause for a beat
@MARGARET is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

then i have dialogue following this sequence. i have other sequences with just actions in them that play without clicking, but this one won’t do it. i remember seeing a video at one point telling up-and-coming writers that there was a way to have a scene play through, but i may be thinking of something else.

i’m just confused as to why— if this is supposed to play without a reader clicking through— it isn’t automatically doing it.

i may be over-explaining it, so sorry if i have still left you confused.

that’s what i thought since my other sequences with just actions played automatically, so i was confused as why i had to click to make it play through each action.

Unless you make the narration/speech bubble into overlays, then set the seconds to however long you want it to be, else the readers will have to tap in order to continue.
This is the only way, but keep in mind that every reader has different reading speed.

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