How to have multiple main characters?


Hi, I was wondering how you could code when you play as multiple characters as a reader, because I’ve seen it.


I don’t really think there’s a way to not play as multiple characters! Do you mean that all of the characters’ names are “You” or that you can customise loads of different people?

Or do you mean to be able to choose between a range of different main characters that you can play from at the beginning of the story? If that’s what you mean, I think that just involves a bunch of “gains” when they make their choice and then rewriting the story from each character’s perspective for each chapter. It can get super complicated, but props for the people who pull it off!


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I mean that you can choose their decision. Like from their perspective.


If you wanna do this then there’s no particular coding for it. Just use your creative imagination to write from each of the character’s perspectives. So for example lets say the main character’s name is Alice and you are writing from her perspective and she is in a scene where she and her love interest Brian are at a carnival and you want to switch to Brian’s perspective for a bit to do this do this. Include a Narrator’s speech bubble or a Reader Message informing that you are now playing in Brian’s perspective.

ALICE (talk_happy_smile)
Brian, I really want that Teddy Bear!

You are now playing as Brian.

BRIAN (think)
(I’m so exhausted what do I do now?)

“She’s your girlfriend win the bear for her”{

Scene here
}“I’m too tired”{

Scene Here


In the above example you are making a choice as Brian even though he isn’t the main character and from there on continue writing as Brian, you can even write choices for Brian but when switching back to Alice make sure you include a message saying you’re switching to her.


Oh that’s easy! Choices aren’t limited to one character. You can have any character being affected by and making choices! It’s just about writing it from different perspectives, not the coding itself.


Uummm… I think you just aren’t too familiar with coding, so, you can’t really make a story just from a single character’s point of view, it’s just how you make the story, choosing to show more characters’ POV’s (points of views) or just with a one.

Good luck learning!


Kinda rude, I am, and there is. :expressionless:


How was that rude?

I just told you how you do that and wished you good luck, no, there isn’t a way to make a story with one single character, there’s no specified main character, but you can present the story line from a character you choose’s point of view


Oh, sorry! I was just familiar with coding, and I meant that you can have POV’s.


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