How to: hide a story from your story list in the portal

We all know that episode doesn’t allow us to delete a story (you can support this thread to make it possible! FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!), but if you’re like me and you create a lot of stories that you don’t continue, you can hide it from your own Story List in the portal. I’m gonna explain how.

I want to hide the story called ABC that is showing in my story list:

Click on the little avatar on the top right corner and go to Account Settings

Click on Story Settings

Then click on Hide from Story List

So that it will become green and say Show in Story List

And done! The story will be hidden from your story list.

To show it again, just click Show in Story List


very helpful :+1:

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Oh my… PEOPLE THIS IS AMAZING :kissing_heart:

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There is easier way to do it - directly in the app - you just open your profile and click the “eye” icon which is in right top corner of your story cover.

This hides the story from the readers, but you still see it in the story list section


I do that too :joy:

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