How to hold a baby swaddle?

I want to use a baby in my story but don’t know how to. People say this is how to do it: @add PropName or PROPNAME to CHARACTER, but it doesn’t work, why?

Sorry if this went to wrong place!

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Can you show me a part of your script? I want to see what happens before the command…


@DORALIE spot 1.00 100 100 those are just some random numbers so I can later change her spot in zone 2 at layer 1 AND DORALIE faces left AND DORALIE starts rock_baby_prop_loop

@add WhiteBabySwaddle to DORALIE

You are supposed to space it: White Baby Swaddle

I tried that but didn’t work

@DORALIE spot 1.00 100 100 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND DORALIE faces left 
&DORALIE starts rock_baby_prop_loop
@add White Baby Swaddle to DORALIE

Try it now…


Still won’t work

One question, is your story LL or INK?

INK, does it only work for LL?

Ok, I see the problem. You have an LL prop.These are the INK props:
Baseball Bat
Blue Baby Bundle
Coffee Cup
Green Baby Bundle
Hair Brush
Metal Baseball Bat
Pink Baby Bundle
Purple Baby Bundle
Red Cup
Yellow Baby Bundle


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!

If you want to know more check:

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This is my first time writing an episode and I can’t add the baby swaddle prop to my character for some reason. I’ll send a screenshot of the script so please let me know if you find any errors

LAYLA SELENE (idle_baby_rock_happy_loop)
@add Baby Swaddle Blue Blanket to LAYLA SELENE

Ok never mind, I fixed it!
(I just tried putting dialogue before it then it worked oof)