How to i get the new chapters out?

I hope someone can help, I am working on to rewrite one of my stories, and i have wrote the first 3 chapters but, i can’t update the new chapters, so i thought to ask in here

Did you publish the first 3 already?

Do you have 400 lines for each of the first 3 chapters? If not you can not publish yet and it will just look like this:

Yes, i wrote the story one year ago or so. But the directing is very bad, and i am better at it now so i would re-write it :slight_smile:

So you want people just to be able to read the first three chapters?

Yes :slight_smile:

And how many chapters your story have?

Like: 3 of # are edited

20 chapters :sweat_smile:

So just Update and republish.

Hit Update

And the make sure the amount of episodes you want to publish are correct. And then hit Publish

So in every chapter not edited put:

label restart
This chapter is not edited
goto restart

It work just if she didn’t already publish that chapter

@Stella2003 is right

But what some authors do when they publish an episode they want to re-edit
They put on the description or title to only read up to a certain chapter or to not read the chapter yet, etc

Thank you so much for your help! :heart_eyes:


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